My Work

Audre Lorde famously stated “the personal is political,” and until I began experimenting with photography and poetry, I had no means of expressing the political nature of existing as a Black queer Muslim in America. And before I began to exercise creative and innovative ways of converging photography and poetry, the view into the world between my ribs was not as clear. My work focuses on exposing the intersections where different identities collide, whether those intersections be between race and gender, sexuality and religion, or combinations of several identities, and helping the viewer understand these intersections on a deeper level. I work underneath the notion of folding the margins into the center.

By merging the art forms of photography and poetry through multi-media projects, I seek to recreate the merging of intersecting identities which can often be in conflict with each other, and give visual proof of the ability for them to coexist. certain tonality in my work, occasionally evoke dark subject matter, and this is always intentional; I am invested in the process of reassembling the functions of identity and presenting it to an audience to evoke and challenge the direction of conversation.

I'm an artist, writer, editor, and activist. I study the African Diaspora and Art History focusing on hip-hop, race, pop culture, and capitalism. My writing and photography has been featured in several platforms including Afropunk, Mondoweiss, Philadelphia PrintworksNEW INCThinkProgress,  OffThaRecordEqualityForHerThe Vocal, and Shadowproof, among others, as well as various academic journals.